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[same] update

Nothing has changed since I last updated you guys. We are still getting sleep and Gizmo, Biggie & Littles are still doing great.

I wonder if this journal is just going to putter out in a big boring flame?

Level One of Sanity : Achieved

So I realized this morning that I have actually achieved my minimum threshold for sanity. As many of you know, I didn't come into this thinking that I would have 3 cats frolicking together and snuggling. I wanted to be able to sleep through the night and have 3 happy cats.

That has actually been achieved.

Littles is no longer screaming through the night.
Gizmo is not peeing on anything - which I assume means he is happy.
Gizmo is not sleeping on a shelf in the closet all day - which I assume means he is happy.
Biggie wants his morning pets & and his getting exercise running up & down the stairs.
Gizmo comes out to explore the upstairs.
Gizmo runs laps around the bedroom for exercise and has stopped humping us LONG ago.

Blah, blah blah. This is a much better place than where we started. Anything from this point is bonus land and I'm not expecting anything.

Unless something drastically changes, there might be a boring set of updates to follow. The house is almost fully in order and the cats know their way around it. I have a feeling that Gizmo will live in our bedroom/closet/bathroom and continue to do laps and explore whenever he feels like it. The indoor fence system has given him the security to be able to do so and to retreat whenever he feels like it, knowing the other two cannot follow.

Biggie & Littles get plenty of love and attention during the day, and spend most of it sleeping in the office while I am working. Biggie is dropping the pounds, which is good, and I think he has stopped losing his hair on his belly (he was quite stressed for a bit). He loves going outside so those are special treats for him.

Littles is mellowing out and doesn't really bother my guests. She is still very curious and likes to be part of the action.


Speedy Gonzales

Since the bedroom has now had all of the boxes removed, Gizmo is finding a new way to stay fit- laps around the bedroom in the early hours of the morning. FUN.

the cat on my pillow

Well, Gizmo has claimed my side to sleep on. Actually, he has claimed my pillow too, which he likes to lick the tag on during the middle of the night for good measure.


update of sorts

Well, we are into week two at the new house. Gizmo is loving sleeping with us and I frequently wake up with him on my pillow. He likes to tell me he is annoyed when I accidentally wake him by "talking to me" in the middle of the night.

During the day, he sleeps on the floor in the closet or in his little enclosed cube. Right now, the flooring guy is working in that area and Gizmo is obviously annoyed by his presence.

I have purchased a new rug for the bathroom and it is going on day 5 with no accident. In general, Gizmo seems happy and comes out of the bedroom in the evening or during the day when he hears our voices.

The other cats are getting comfortable here as well. Littles' screaming is now only around 5:30 or 6am and lasts for 15-20 minutes tops. Biggie is finding new and different places to sleep- the latest was inside one of my bookshelves & on top of the refrigerator. He has found the backyard and will spend as much time as I let him eating grass. He's also yacked up grass in my living room as a result.

she's got a case of the screams

Night 6 in the house. 5 nights in a row of screaming from Littles. She sits on the top step of the stairs and screams all night. It has gotten progressively worse, too. The first night they were completely quiet, last night was incredibly loud.

I am going to try to keep her away all day today. If that doesn't work, I will look into other options such as locking her in the studio overnight or something. Anything!!!

move your booty

I am back from the insanity that was my move. Here we are in our new place and we have seen some favorable results.

All 3 cats are explorers. I started Littles & Biggie in the laundry room and Gizmo in our bedroom. By the first evening, Gizmo was running up and down the stairs like he owned the place. Gizmo is still spending the days in the master bedroom closet, but he is not sleeping on a shelf as he cannot reach it. During the day, he will come out and take a look at what is going on. In the evening, he ventures out in the landing and will go down the stairs.

On Day 3, he went all the way down to the laundry room, drank the other cats' water and crapped in their litterbox.

Go Gizzy!

buspar is a bust

After a chat with the vet about the effects that BuSpar is having on Gizmo, we have taken him off the medicine.

The humping and peeing have stopped. YAY!!

no rest for the cat owner

Well, the last two nights have not been stellar. Yes, the cats stay out of fighting range during the day, but at night they are bad. Gizmo spends most of the night pawing at us and Littles screams at the top of her lungs. Nathan and I have taken turns sleeping on the couch, which is the only thing that shuts her up.

Need sleep. Please help.

Going Wireless!

Well we are on day 3 of the wireless barrier and here is what has happened so far.

Day 1 (wed)- set up and adjustments. The collars have 5 settings. 1 is beep only, 2 through 5 increase the shock when they cross the barrier. You are supposed to start on 2 & increase as (if needed).

biggest observation: Littles HATES the collar and spent about an hour pouting.

I opened the bedroom door and let them look at each other. Gizmo was unsure about having hte door open and once he saw the other two, bolted back into the bathroom. Both Biggie & Littles ran after him and were unphased so the setting has been increased to 3.

I had the bedroom door open at night and Gizmo (silly cat) walked into the living room and got chased to the back bedroom by the other two. I brought him back into the bedroom and shut the door. No cat meows or pawing at the door (MAGIC!) and I was able to sleep in until 7am (WOW!!!).

Day 2 (thursday)- Biggie & Littles were both incredibly needy as they did not get their night time snuggles from us. Littles let my sister pet her, which has never happened before. I spent 45 minutes petting Biggie and he just didn't leave my side.

The rest of the day, the bedroom door was open and neither Biggie nor Littles approached it. Very nice!

That evening, Gizmo came out to see what was going on and Littles made a run for him. It looks like the collar got a bit loose throughout the day and needed to be readjusted.

We slept with the door closed and I heard the beeping as one cat approached the door, but it subsided.

Gizmo was incredibly annoying all night and apparently had too much energy. I will have to play with him before bed tonight to make sure he sleeps through the night.

Day 3 (friday)- Two needy cats again. I adjusted Biggie's collar since it is getting a bit loose. The bedroom door is open and Littles is sleeping in the living room keeping watch on Gizmo.

The saga continues ....